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Lead With You Book Club

Are you looking to join a group of entrepreneurs or small business owners and leaders who LOVE to read and learn new things? Are you a professional with a growth mindset? Do you long to be a part of a like minded group of people that focus on positivity, success, and generating ways to improve? Then you found the right book club! 

Join us starting June 26, 2024 - we meet on zoom weekly on Wednesdays at 1pm! 

"Lead With You Book Club for Business Owners":

We will always have a book to review and you can find out more about our current reads here in our meet up group. Seeing this late? Don't worry! Just rsvp and join us and you can catch up on the reading later. 

Our first book we will review is 10x is Easier than 2x by Dan Sullivan and Dr Benjamin Hardy.

My focus lately has been on growing while maintaining life work balance. In other words its about working smarter and using technology and tools to assist me and my business. Things are going well! But what this book discusses is how its EASIER to focus on 10x growth than 2x! I am sure we will learn some great tips on how we can focus on growing our business 10x! I really can't wait to discuss it. And I hope you join us!

You can rsvp and get more details here!

Lead With You Book Club

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