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Simplify Success & Self Discipline

Self Discipline is the key to achieving any habit or goal. The more consistent you are and committed to your habits the more success you will find! 

This is where we all mess up.

We get a good groove going and then … pause… we hit a block.

We quit.

We try to get going again and something else gets in the way.

The days go by and nothing gets done.

We start feeling guilty. And somehow become emotionally detached to the goal itself.

We don’t like feeling bad so now we start avoiding it.

And before you know it a year has passed with your goal sitting at the bottom of the pile of your todo lists.

But if you really want the goal - what do you do?

How can you stay on track and how do you stay motivated to keep going?

What are the best ways to keep yourself moving and motivated to keep going?

In the latest podcast episode we cover all of this plus 6 ideas to help you create success and self discipline. 


Tune in as we discuss..

Tune in here! 6 Ideas to Simplify Success & Self Discipline

In the episode I share my favorite project trackers and planners you can view the links to them below!

Project Trackers help you stay on track and not miss details when implementing steps that you must repeat consistently. I love this digital project tracker and it allows you to collaborate with your team while all staying on the same page. 

Link to Digital Project Tracker =


I love using a good planner so I can jot down notes and this planner offers that and so much more. I've been using it for years! It has a goal setting / mind map area in the front along with at the beginning of each month. It helps you stay consistent with checking in on your goals and making sure you are still aligned with them. 

Link to my Favorite Planner =


When you are growing and scaling your business you will need help. Check out the Key Decisions for Growing your business checklist - I know if I had had this when I started my business I would have saved a lot of time and headaches.

Link to FREE Key Decisions for Growing Your Biz Download =

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