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To All Small Business Owners, Leaders, Team Leaders, and Entrepreneurs... I See You

 The struggles of entrepreneurship are highly misunderstood by most. Only other leaders, or small business owners truly understand what it takes to run a business.  You may relate to some or all of the thoughts below. Or maybe you haven't experienced these situations yet. Just know that if you have you are not alone.

To all Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Team Leaders...  I See You


You are Amazing. 


You have done way more than most realize into all hours of the night building your business, working on growth, making it work. 

You have handled issues and problems with a rock solid core values. 

You have put a smile on even when it felt like things were crumbling beneath you.

You have continued to have faith even when others didn't. 

You have remained flexible and resilient as the demands of the times change. 

You are always learning and growing and looking for ways to create more success for your business, team, and clients. 

You have remained kind to those who don't deserve it. 

You have created clear and fair boundaries for those that think they deserve to have their cake and eat it too. 

You have resolved conflicts in the fairest way possible where both parties come out on top. 

You have focused on win win outcomes in all situations.

You have had laser focus on your goals even when it seems that everything is against you. 

You have survived and thrived through agendas working against you. 

You have authentically shown up each and every day with only a mission of greatness for all involved. 

You have shared and cared to those that did not appreciate it. 

You have have stood in the face of opposition with integrity and patience as those who have breached agreements will face their karma. 

You have given people chances and opportunities that they weren't qualified for - to help them out with no thanks in return. 

You have invested all of your time, money, and resources back into your business to create more growth.

You have risked it all for a dream. 

Only a True Leader could face all of these obstacles over and over and STILL. SHOW. UP. 

I see you. 

And I appreciate you. I honor and respect you for your sweat, tears, and grace. And I wish you so much success and peace. You deserve it. You are worthy of success. And you do make a difference. 

Keep going 



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